GO-EUC is an independent community initiative, focused on researching areas in the End-User Computing (EUC) space. These researches vary from hands-on experiences, implementation best practices to performance impacts and so on.

All those insights are published on the GO-EUC platform, with and for the community. Knowledge is power, and by sharing all our insights GO-EUC will share this knowledge. The goal of GO-EUC is to be the platform where people in the IT industry can gain their “Powers”.

GO-EUC is not just a publication platform, it is also a lab environment running any solution we desire. With those resources, we are capable to research all kind of EUC solutions. One of the key aspects of GO-EUC is reproducibility, therefore GO-EUC decided to rent dedicated hardware. With our infrastructure design publicly available, everybody is able to reproduce the same results.

As the GO-EUC platform contains serious hardware, this cannot be done without our main facilitator, ICT-Partners. ICT-Partners provides the capabilities to host this platform.

About ICT-Partners:

ICT-Partners helps you to be successful with all your ICT endeavors. We design, implement and optimize ICT-infrastructures with the latest technologies that contribute to continuity, stability and security. We pay close attention to the cohesion between systems, processes and people and factor in the social context.

It is all about innovation and improvement of your IT infrastructure, the optimal organization of your ICT management and making it possible to deal with the changing circumstances. The result: lower ICT management costs and higher productivity.

Interested to contribute? We are always open to join forces, feel free to contact us.