GO-EUC is an initiative of ICT-Partners to enable their consultants to have a platform where they can show-off their skillset. Behind the site we host a lab infrastructure where they can implement, test and reproduce almost any scenario and is used by our colleagues to gather knowledge about new solutions within the IT market space. ICT-Partners strongly believes that resources like our lab need to be available to our consultants and are very proud that this has led to the site. It also strengthens the belief in doing the right thing and supporting our colleagues with initiatives like this.

The ultimate goal of GO-EUC is to create an independent platform where IT enthusiasts, like us, can come and gather knowledge but are also able to share articles.

GO-EUC believes in sharing and that doesn’t go one way but is meant to be bi-directional. You are herewith invited to join our initiative and are more than welcome to share your experience, expertise and opinion with us and the rest of the world.


Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash