GO-EUC believes in:

Doing research is creating new knowledge.

Neil Armstrong

The mission of GO-EUC is:

Research new technologies, to inspire and serve the community by providing new knowledge.

Our platform is setup to serve this mission. We believe this is valuable information to every IT administrator, Consultant or manager that has something to do with end-user computing. GO-EUC serves the community using our website and various community events, facilitating the GO-EUC researchers. Everything published on GO-EUC is open and freely available on the website without any registration.

As GO-EUC is a non-profit foundation, this way it is ensured the platform is fully independent and unbiased to serve the community. All researches are done based on community insights and suggestions.

In order to keep the GO-EUC platform running we heavily rely on sponsors. All funding collected from our sponsors are invested in the platform. This way we can continue serve the community with great content. It is important to understand all involved sponsors are carefully selected to re-ensure the independent status of the GO-EUC platform.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out at info[at]go-euc.com.


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