What it takes to be a GO-EUC member

What it takes to be a GO-EUC member


GO-EUC is a global platform with like-minded professionals that share a dedicated passion for exploring new technologies. Every member is active in various communities and has a passion for sharing knowledge and are regarded as community leaders.

If that sounds interesting and if you want to join GO-EUC, and to ensure we can maintain a high standard of content, we have the following selection criterias for new members:

  • Be awesome, as all members of GO-EUC are awesome!
  • Be an expert in your knowledge area and willing to actively share knowledge.
  • Be an advocate in the EUC community through speaking engagements, technical content creation or be awesome in one of our other focus areas.
  • Have a passion to explore the unknowns and never accept no for an answer.
  • One publication for evaluation purposes ready to jump start your onboarding.

We are always looking for awesome professionals that want to become an active member of our respected platform.

How to apply

If you are interested in joining GO-EUC and you fulfill the selection criteria above you can send us your application via this form.

We will evaluate each application personally, this evaluation process will be done on a quarterly base.

What can you expect from GO-EUC

First of all, an important note to remember is that GO-EUC is a non-profit foundation, so even though we would love to welcome you with goodies, you will have to settle with a T-Shirt.

What we do offer is a group of like minded individuals that will share their knowledge and experience with each other. Additionally you will receive full access to all the data and resources of GO-EUC. While being a member you can use the GO-EUC branding in your personal exposure (like program applications) and presentations. GO-EUC will include you as a member in every presentation and will get a personal spot on the website. When you become a member, your contributions will remain on the website even when you decide to leave.

What does GO-EUC expect from you?

Our primary goal is to explore new technologies and share knowledge with the community. This is done via our website and presentations at community events. Once joining GO-EUC we expect active participation on our platform by executing researches, writing publications and presenting results. But also to perform peer-reviews and to actively participate in our meetings and on our Slack channel. We encourage shared collaboration with other people in, and outside of GO-EUC.

Because the content we produce is our primary method to expose and get viewers, we at least expect a minimum of 4 contributions each calendar year. The primary contribution type is a research publication on our site. Other forms of contributions that count towards the requirements can be public speaking opportunities at events or code contributions to the GO-EUC code repository.

Yearly evaluation

Each year the GO-EUC foundation will evaluate individual members on participation and content contributions, on both the amount and quality of the content. This evaluation will result in either a continuation or discontinuation of the GO-EUC membership.

Discontinuation will not mean that all of your work will be lost and you will always remain a GO-EUC member, just not active.

Disclaimer: At all times the GO-EUC Foundation will reserve the right to terminate individual memberships or to not accept new memberships.