Formula One: F1 TV vs Viaplay a matter of opinion?

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In the Netherlands, there are two streaming options for watching Formula One this 2022 season: F1 TV Pro and Viaplay. Both provide live streaming of all Formula One races on PCs, mobile devices, and tv boxes, like Chromecast and Fire TVs. Formula One officially started to show live streaming of each race online with F1 TV in 2018. The F1 TV service includes many other features like a live view of each driver’s car, live timings, and replay of all Formula One, Formula 2, and Formula 3 races. Besides the Netherlands, F1TV is available in the US, Germany, France, Mexico, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, and most countries in South America, among others.

Viaplay is a video-on-demand streaming service from the Viaplay Group. Viaplay is available in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Poland, the US, and recently also in the Netherlands. Both have different options when it comes to streaming and to the quality in which they stream. This GO-EUC research will compare the options and the quality of both providers in detail.

At GO-EUC we’re very passionate about end-user computing. That being said, we’re also very passionate about Formula One.

Please note, that this will not be a complete comparison and that is for a couple of different reasons. Firstly, the F1 streams are copyrighted which means that it will not be possible to show footage from the races in the comparisons.

Secondly, because the quality of the streams is dependent on a lot of factors, it is nearly impossible to have a completely objective comparison done.


As mentioned in the introduction, In the Netherlands, there are two options available for streaming Formula One. F1TV streamed in Full HD with a resolution of 1080p and 25fps but F1TV switched to a higher quality stream with 50fps in the 2021 season. The underlying technique used by F1TV is developed by Accenture’s Industry X group and uses their Accenture Video Solution technology.

Revamped F1 TV service announced for 2021 season and launches in three new territories - Formula One®

Viaplay took over the Formula One broadcasting rights from Ziggo for the 2022 season. They received a lot of backlash due to the quality of the commentary and the quality of the streams. Viaplay started streaming in a maximum resolution of 720p originally but quickly switched to Full HD 1080 at 50fps in the beginning of the season: