The future direction of GO-EUC

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We thought and worked hard on the future direction of GO-EUC these last months. In order to get closer to the community we decided to change our current structure. This article will announce the future direction for GO-EUC and share some details with you and the community. The future direction also include some change in the sponsor program, where we need your help. Before sharing the announcement, lets first start with the vision and mission of GO-EUC.

What is the vision and mission of GO-EUC?

Our vision is “doing research is creating new knowledge”, which are the famous words of Neil Armstrong.

The mission of GO-EUC is to facilitate the individual with research capabilities for exploring new technologies, to inspire and serve the community by providing new knowledge.

Our platform is to serve this mission. We believe this is valuable information to every IT administrator that has something to do with end-user computing. GO-EUC is serving the community using our website and various community events, facilitating the GO-EUC researchers. Everything published on GO-EUC is open and available on the website without any registration.

The scope of GO-EUC

It is always important to define the scope. In this case, as the name of our platform states, GO-EUC is focused on end-user computing. But what is end-user computing?

End-user computing (EUC) refers to systems in which non-programmers can create working applications. EUC is a group of approaches to computing that aim to better integrate end users into the computing environment. These approaches attempt to realize the potential for high-end computing to perform problem-solving in a trustworthy manner.


The broad scope allows the platform to research various topics within the EUC space.

ANNOUCEMENT: The future direction for GO-EUC

Twenty-one months ago, GO-EUC was started as a community initiative powered by ICT-Partners. It was always intended to create a community platform with contributors from various companies. To empower the community and to enable full independence, it has been decided to move to a non-profit foundation. All GO-EUC members and contributors are very excited with the transformation as this means GO-EUC is fully owned and driven by the community.

We are looking for a sponsor and need your help

With the transformation to a non-profit foundation it is going to impact our current IT infrastructure. Our current lab and research environment is rented at OVH, which comes with monthly fee. Although this environment is serving us right, it does have some limitations. Therefore, we are looking for a hardware vendor that can help the GO-EUC platform forward. In order to continue delivering valuable content we need a similar environment as we have right now. This includes the following components:

Two infrastructure servers

  • CPU: a minimum of 8 cores running at 3 GHz or higher
  • Memory: at least 128GB
  • Disk: Local NVME or SSD with a total capacity of 2TB or higher

One workload server

  • CPU: a minimum of 12 cores running at 3 GHz or higher
  • Memory: at least 384GB
  • Disk: Local NVME or SSD with a total capacity of 2TB or higher
  • GPU: A NVIDIA or AMD GPU for VDI workloads (Update: NVIDIA has commited to provide GPU’s)

We prefer this environment to be at least available for a minimum of 1 year and hosted in our own selected datacenter, so we can access the hardware at any given time.

In return we provide the hardware vendor the following platinum sponsor package:

  • Logo on the GO-EUC website
  • Logo in the GO-EUC presentations
  • Dedicated hardware post on the GO-EUC website, which is linked in the applicable researches
  • Dedicated hardware slide in event presentations
  • Access to the research schedule
  • Access to the research data and draft publications
  • Access to website statistics
  • Feedback sessions with GO-EUC team

The GO-EUC community reach

GO-EUC is a growing platform just running for twenty-one months. On average, the website has 4000 unique visitors every month and that number is still growing. GO-EUC is visited from over the world, and the audience is primarily from the United States, Canada, and West Europe. Please see our 2019 review post for more detailed stats.

The GO-EUC members are very active in the EUC community and have presented at numerous events. This includes Citrix Synergy, Nutanix .NEXT, NLVMUG, DuCUG, E2EVC, VirtualExpo by Xenappblog, and TeamRGE Online event. Depending on the COVID-19 situation this year Citrix Synergy and DuCUG are both confirmed, with more to come!

Additionally, we are also thinking organizing our own virtual event with serving the latest GO-EUC content and insight to the community. What do you think, does this sound interesting?


Before wrapping up, we would like issue a big thank you to ICT-Partners. ICT-Partners provided the opportunity to start GO-EUC and supports transforming to the new structure. Without ICT-Partners we would not have been where we are right now. We are proud to announce that ICT-Partners will still be involved a sponsor of GO-EUC! The transformation to the GO-EUC foundation makes the platform a real independent community driven platform, to serve relevant EUC content to the community. In order to get this going we really need your help. We need to reach the hardware vendors that are willing to help GO-EUC. If you have any connection, please share this with the hardware vendors, or even just in your network. This is very appreciated. You can reach me at ryan[at] or via social media like LinkedIn or Twitter. Doing research is creating new knowledge!


Ryan and Team GO-EUC.

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash