2022 was an interesting year for GO-EUC

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It is almost the end of 2022, and we have to say 2022 was an interesting year for GO-EUC. In this retrospective, we want to share some highlights and lowlights of 2022 and take a quick look at 2023.

Retrospective of 2022

As mentioned in the introduction, 2022 has been an interesting year for GO-EUC. Looking at 2022 in general, it has been impacted by what is happening worldwide. Recovering from the pandemic, in February, the war in Ukraine started, which is only 1500 km (930 mi) from the Netherlands. The impact of that has also hit GO-EUC, as the prices of gas and electricity have skyrocketed, resulting in shutting down our infrastructure to save costs. We will cover more about this when looking at our next steps for 2023.

We all have been very busy besides GO-EUC in 2022. It is important to highlight, GO-EUC is a community initiative without any financial compensation. This means all the effort we put in GO-EUC is personal time with the ultimate goal to share knowledge to the community. Work continues, so finding a balance between our employees and/or projects and community is difficult. This reflects onto the amount of publications 2022.

In 2021 we started with our infrastructure as code (IaC) initiative and will continue this in 2022. This is a continuous process and one thing we have learned: make sure to run the code more frequently. Changing code, adding addons led to a broken configuration in our lab. And when, by accident, hitting the wrong pipeline, we destroying the entire environment, yes, I, Ryan, make mistakes too: resetting the GO-EUC to an empty lab. Luckily this is a nice learning point and definitely something we can improve.

Focussing on positive notes: even though mistakes were made with IaC, we did made significant progress and eventually onboarded Sven Jansen while on our IaC journey. There is still a lot to explore and improve, but our Github project is growing and we apply continuous improvements.

Talking about onboarding, the GO-EUC community is still growing with Silas Arentsen, Mick Hilhorst and Fredrik Brattstig. This means we got more Citrix Netscaler (yeah!), remote graphics and endpoint experts in our team!

One of our goals is to continue to innovate our testing methodologies. Last year we made real progress in improving our LoadGen workload and in addition to that we explored measuring user experience. This is a true learning journey and we strive to continue to provide more depth in the research we publish.

Publications of 2022

To end 2022, here are a few of our favorite posts:

nvidia-feature-image NVIDIA framebuffer sizes for Windows 10

office-2021-feature-image Performance impact of Microsoft Office 2021 LTSC

f1-feature-image Formula One: F1 TV vs Viaplay a matter of opinion?

teams-feature-image Microsoft Teams optimization in a virtual desktop

Next steps and focus for 2023

2023 is all about enabling our members. Cloud requires a different way of thinking and this requires us to evaluate our testing methodology. Combining this with the ‘end of life cycle’ of our current infrastructure creates the perfect opportunity to move forward to a distributed model where we want to promote everybody to get their own hands-on experience. In this way we do not only enable our members, but also create the possibility to test it at home and challenge GO-EUC results. Automated offcourse ;) You can expect more details in the near future.

Last words

Thanks to our members, our sponsors: LoadGen & Tricerat and ofcourse you, the reader. If you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to reach out and we all wish you a wonderful 2023!

Photo by Kenta Kikuchi on Unsplash